Web, SaaS, FinTech
Сотрудники ≈ 70
Технические специалисты в Беларуси ≈ 38
2012 год основания

Synder is a FinTech product company focused on Bookkeeping/Accounting automation with the majority of customers coming from the USA and Canada. We design our products for small businesses, bookkeepers, and accountants that want to streamline their finance management experience. We deal with loads of transactions, huge amounts of sensitive data, and thousands of happy customers.

Founded in 2012, we worked as a software development outsourcing company. And in 2016, our life as a product company started. We conducted research and realized that the majority of business owners and finance professionals still manage their Invoices, Purchases, Journal Entries, and more using Excel. On average, they spend about 3 hours daily on manually processing and entering the same transactions into accounting platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, Sage, or MYOB. We wanted to eliminate this double work! Our team came up with a solution to automate this process and to convert that time into focusing on other business-critical tasks while data is imported automatically. The success of the app inspired us for a more sophisticated business solution that automates a significant part of finance management and provides more accurate and fast bookkeeping - Synder, our flagship.

Summer 2021 we joined the current S21 batch in Y Combinator — the world-class startup accelerator in Silicon Valley! 

You can get acquainted with the product using the following link:

Our headquarters, called Synder, is located in San Francisco, United States of America. The development center is in Minsk, Belarus – the “Silicon Valley” of Europe, the country that has become one of the largest and most recognized innovation hubs on the continent. Keeping up with technology, we create powerful, award-winning business apps for people all around the world!

Why Synder?
• fast-growing product startup;
• financial stability;
• great team;
• lively atmosphere and a joint search for the best solutions for our clients;
• flexible approaches and practices in staff management;
• being approachable instead of dealing with loads of paperwork;
• strong feedback culture - we are ready to listen, change, share our ideas, do our best work, and
make the teamwork as comfortable as possible;
• one product - one team principle;
• you will see tangible results of your work, get feedback from customers, and will be building a
highly demanded and easy-to-use product;
• ability to contribute to the process and influence the end product/result, come up with good
ideas and make them happen.

Synder – Machine accuracy. Human approach.

If you are interested in career opportunities Synder, please follow the link:


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6c2e70e82fb9640aa0c1a688185372da oliasokolovskaya28
– QA Team Lead в Synder
Работает в Synder: почти 7 лет
Оценка: 5.0

Работаю в компании более 4 лет. Помимо своего роста, я видела и вижу как растет и развивается Synder.


В первую очередь, здесь крутой коллектив, мы здесь как большая дружная семья! Как-то открыто все, ну и с хорошим чувством юмора)
Во-вторых компания дает возможность развиваться и готова обсуждать какие-либо новые решения, которые улучшат продукт, качество и т.п.
Ну и в-третьих, здесь не бывает такого, что будешь сидеть без дела. Продукт успешно развивается и темп роста компании набирает хорошие обороты, поэтому задач тут хватит всем!

P.S Люблю Synder за человечность


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