Cherish DEV

Web, Mobile, Security
Сотрудники ≈ 35
Технические специалисты в Беларуси ≈ 25
Сотрудники в Беларуси ≈ 35
2018 год основания

Cherish DEV is a Quality Assurance team which can become a reliable partner for any company in the world. We deliver state-of-the-art premium software testing services and solutions by executing programs or applications to identify software defects. Our employees are experienced QA professionals with over 10 years experience in testing, QA management, integration, consulting, etc. 

The objective of Cherish DEV is to help you develop the best solution for your target market. 

We’ll help you to reduce the costs through the tests automation. 

We’ll save your time, performing your testing. 

We’ll set up testing processes in your company. 

And you will receive the quality end product.

We deliver full-range software MANUAL TESTING such as functional testing, UI testing, usability testing, accessibility testing and acceptance testing within approved budgets and deadlines.

Our AUTOMATION TESTING will minimize expenses on regression testing. Selenium Webdriver with Java, Python, C#, JS, Swift and Kotlin languages allow you to automate E2E tests of any complexity.

The QA MANAGEMENT by Cherish DEV will help you to set up QA processes the way they should be.

There is no reason for automation if your automated tests never run as intended. We will set up for you CI with such popular CI instruments as Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity.

We currently have 30 + people in our team, but we are constantly expanding. We are looking for focused specialists in Cherish DEV who will be on the same wavelength with us. Professionals who will do everything possible to make customers happy.

We cherish — you grow!


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Проработал в Cherish DEV: около 1 года
Оценка: 4.4

Здесь начинал свой путь QA.
Впечатления от работы только положительные.
Понравилась теплая семейная атмосфера в команде и компании в целом ).

Было много свободы в выборе места работы: из дома, из офиса (в офис можно приходить с питомцами)), из другого города, из другой страны. В графике работы.

Интересные проекты. Возможность перехода в AQA (java, javascript, python).

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