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SaaS, E-commerce
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2010 год основания

Labs64 is an independent IT service provider based out of Germany with people around the world. We design, develop and implement a broad range of IT solutions based on our customer’s individual requirements. Labs64 focusses on finance, telecommunications, automotive, and automation technology industries as well as on hardware, software and online solutions. We provide our customers with expert advice and support, all the way from the initial concept to the implementation. With more than fifty years of combined IT experience, we understand business processes and design solutions to ensure our customer’s ongoing success. Our background is creative, we love open source, we believe that work is about way more than just making money, and we’re totally committed to making products that are awesome!

Our client base includes small and medium-sized companies as well as global enterprises, such as BMW, Siemens Enterprise Communications, MSI Solutions, WIP Immobilien, Wirecard and Zurich Instruments.

Being both dynamic and innovative, Labs64 is committed to supporting our business partners at every step of any project's life-cycle. Experience in very different environments and the ability to anticipate developments in the market is the basis for rewarding customer relationships. Labs64 offers comprehensive and highly flexible services which can be precisely tailored to your needs and requirements.

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