Silicon valley software group (svsg)

Mobile, Telecom
Сотрудники ≈ 100
2011 год основания

We are a Minsk-based company with deep Silicon Valley ties that specializes in helping Silicon Valley startups build the next generation of technology products, and now we are looking for talented web engineers to join our team.

Our company is founded by former Chief Technology Officers (CTO) of Silicon Valley companies. We have an engineering focused culture driven by our experience with companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter and our previous investments from Google Ventures, Kapor Capital, and 500Startups.

The projects we work on are in the fields of machine learning, crowdsourcing, and web security to name a few.  We need engineers who want to learn and build complicated technologies... not regular websites.


- Work on next generation web and mobile apps
- Work closely with a team of peers and Silicon Valley mentors on each project
- You will have mentors to guide you on new technologies, but you will be expected to learn quickly


- Knowledge of what MVC really means and why it is a useful paradigm
- Experience in a dynamically typed language (Python is a must; JS and Ruby are a plus)
- Experience in AWS (S3, EC2, etc.)

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