E-commerce, Mobile, AR/VR, AI/ML
Сотрудники ≈ 90
Технические специалисты в Беларуси ≈ 37
Сотрудники в Беларуси ≈ 55
2017 год основания

AR Commerce Company.

The company creates technologies and products for shopping in Augmented Reality. WANNABY develops computer vision and rendering technologies to create the New generation of try-on, fitting, sizing, styling and personalization services in Augmented Reality.

The WANNABY R&D team is constantly advancing computer vision and rendering technologies to achieve maximum accuracy, resolution and realism of texture and color.

WANNABY is going to boost human hands and body tracking technologies even though, it is a serious challenge: In comparison with the well-developed technology of face recognition and tracking, hands and body tracking is at an early stage - less publications are made, less data sets are available.

The first product of WANNABY is the AR-Commerce beauty application WANNA NAILS. Users can try on and buy nail polish in AR. The app helps to experiment with the selection of color or a combination of colors depending on the lighting, skin color and style. Computer vision algorithms provide realistic colors and shades.

Our team develops technologies for computer vision and rendering (object visualization) that allow users to TryOn and personalize products in augmented reality using mobile phone only:

- At the start we decided to focus on hands tracking and segmentation (very challenging). WANNA Nails app allowed us to build a computer vision tech which was able to reproduce realistic colors, shades and textures.

- We are working towards a state-of-the-art Try On tool (production ready), utilizing the power of our in-house rendering solution for any desired AR-commerce need or niche.

- Our dream is to build the most universal app for Gen Z, showcasing latest products which are available for AR Try On.

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