Сотрудники ≈ 4
Сотрудники в Беларуси ≈ 2
2017 год основания

We are a small team of remote developers working for U.S. customer.

Our job proposal may fit you if:
– you are experienced professional in your field
– you are already working remotely and feel that this is right way of work for you; or you are tired of working in office and wasting time in transport; or maybe you are concerned about environmental impact of your daily home-office transport loop and half-load usage of home and office buildings
– you are self-sustained and mature enough to manage your own administrative work with taxes, bank accounts etc.

Please note that this is NOT EMPLOYMENT – this is CONTRACT job! That means no paid vacation, no paid sick days, no medical insurance or retirement plans. You should include all risks and expenses in your hourly rate, that we will discuss in case of successful interview.

What we expect from our future colleagues:
– durable knowledge and experience in your field
– English level sufficient for normal written and oral communication
– full time job – that means not less than 30 hours contribution per week
– at least 1 year commitment to our projects, after probation period

What we can offer:
– scope of work for not less than 1 year (40-hours per week) – actually we believe there is more
– digitally signed (DocuSign) contract with U.S. customer – contract is legal in U.S., in our experience it is also valid for Belarus banks and taxation authorities
– consulting about legal establishment in Belarus based on our own experience (registration as private entrepreneur, choosing bank, dealing with taxes and other compulsory payments)
– working in 100% remote distributed team
– genuine software and development tools will be provided

What else you need to consider going remote:
– calm and silent working space for good concentration
– good internet connection (also pay attention to outgoing speed)
– quality headset with microphone for meetings

If you are interested in one of our open positions, please send your CV to: [email protected]

If we are interested in your CV – we will contact you and schedule 1 hour interview in Skype. After successful interview you will be probably offered paid test project for 2-4 weeks. Test project can be billed at your convenience via, or any other trusted platform which allows customer and worker protection.

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