Твин солюшенс

Web, Mobile, Telecom, EduTech, ERP, SaaS, E-commerce, IOT, High Load Systems, MedTech/Health, Travel, Insurance, Real Estate, Logistics, Retail, Games, Big Data, FinTech, Gambling
Сотрудники ≈ 50
2003 год основания

Twin solutions is originally Belarusian software development company, now HTP resident, specialising in high load applications, automated online services, geographic information systems, and other areas of modern web development for different business industries like medicine&pharmaceuticals, education, entertainment, fintech and much more.

The company grew up to 50 people since being launched, and earned trust of major international partners, for which we assure. We have ambitious plans, prospective ongoing and future contracts, so that actively hiring, and the closest goal is to double in size by the middle of 2023. And we truly believe, that's more than real! 

We don’t:

Ineffective heavy-handed solutions;

Unnecessary communication;

Disrespect people.

We do:

Clear coding and smooth processing;

Supporting personal career development and education;

Fun, up-to-date and dynamic!

Technologies we operate: Java (Spring, Groovy), Ruby (Ruby on Rails), Javascript (end-to-end: React, Vue, Node), .Net (Xamarin, ASP.NET), AQA (Javascript, Java based), DevOps (Docker, AWS, Kubernetes). Please note: regardless the language or framework, we nevertheless stay on the most modern, fresh and sophisticated technologies, as it is the approach.

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